WHOI Contributions to the Scientific Literature - Monthly Activity Report

Articles Received in October 1996

Woods Hole, MA 02543
Hanzawa, Satoshi, Toshihiro Hoaki, Holger W. Jannasch and Tadashi Maruyama.
An extremely thermostable serine protease from a hyperthermophilic archaeum, Desulfurococcus strain SY, isolated from a deep-sea hydrothermal vent. J.Mar.Biotechnol., 4:121-126, 1996.
Contracts: NSF OCE92-00458.
Department of WHOI Author: BIO.
Contribution Number: 8402

Little, Sarah, Stephen Ellner, Mercedes Pascual, Michael Neubert, Daniel Kaplan, Timothy Sauer, Hal Caswell and Andy Solow.
Detecting nonlinear dynamics in spatio-temporal systems, examples from ecological models. Physica D, 96:321-333, 1996.
Contracts: ONR N00014-92-J-1527.
Department of WHOI Author: BIO., MPC.
Contribution Number: 9095

O'Neil, Jonathan S. and Ilene M. Kaplan.
Impact on marine species of New England recreational fishing policies. Biol.Bull., 189:246-247, 1995.
Contracts: NMFS, Marine Policy Center, MBL.
Department of WHOI Author: MPC.
Contribution Number: 9055

Peltzer, Edward T., Brian Fry, Peter H. Doering, James H. McKenna, Bosse Norrman and Ulla Li Zweifel.
A comparison of methods for the measurement of dissolved organic carbon in natural waters. Mar.Chem., 54(1996):85-96, 1996.
Contracts: NSF OCE91-15201, NSF OCE92-03953, NSF OCE92-16897, DOE DE-FG-92ER64138, NOAA, Swedish Natural Sciences Res. Council B-BU9054-306.
Department of WHOI Author: MCG.
Contribution Number: 8863

Shaw, William J. and Jian Lin.
Models of ocean ridge lithospheric deformation: Dependence on crustal thickness, spreading rate and segmentation. J.Geophys.Res., 101(B8):17977-17993, 1996.
Contracts: ONR N00014-91-J-1433, NSF OCE93-02915.
Department of WHOI Author: GEOL.
Contribution Number: 9069

Teal, J. M. and B. L. Howes.
Interannual variability of a salt marsh ecosystem. Limnol.Oceanogr., 41(4):802-809, 1996.
Contracts: NSF GA28365, NSF DEB8012437, NSF BSR8507356, NSF BSR8717701, A. W. Mellon Independent Study Award.
Department of WHOI Author: BIO.
Contribution Number: 9156

Uchupi, Elazar, G. S. Giese, D. A. Aubrey and D.-J. Kim, eds.
The Late Quaternary construction of Cape Cod, Massachusetts: A reconsideration of the W. M. Davis Model. Geological Society of America Special Publication 309, Boulder. 67 p., 1996.
Contracts: NOAA NA90-AA-D-SG480, NOAA NA46-RG-0470.
Department of WHOI Author: GEOL.
Contribution Number: 9041

Wheatcroft, Robert A. and William R. Martin.
Spatial variation in short-term (234Th) sediment bioturbation rate along an organic- carbon gradient. J.Mar.Res., 54:763-792, 1996.
Contracts: NOAA 50-DGNC-1-00007.
Department of WHOI Author: AOPE., MCG.
Contribution Number: 8966

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