WHOI Contributions to the Scientific Literature - Monthly Activity Report

Articles Received in August 1996

Woods Hole, MA 02543
Benfield, Mark C. and Thomas J. Minello.
Relative effects of turbidity and light intensity on reactive distance and feeding of an estuarine fish. Envir.Biol.Fish., 46:211-216, 1996.
Contracts: National Sciences & Engineering Res.Council/Canada.
Department of WHOI Author: BIO.
Contribution Number: 9007

Jaroslow, G. E., G. Hirth and H. J. B. Dick.
Abyssal peridotite mylonites: Implications for grain-size sensitive flow and strain localization in the oceanic lithosphere. Tectonophysics, 256:17-37, 1996.
Contracts: Keck Foundation, NSF OCE94-17404, Van Allen Clark Chair (Henry Dick), WHOI Education Office.
Department of WHOI Author: GEOL.

Lim, E. L., D. A. Caron and E. F. DeLong.
Development and field application of a quantitative method for examining natural assemblages of protists with oligonucleotide probes. App.Environ.Microbiol., 62(4):1416-1423, 1996.
Contracts: NSF OCE92-16270, NSF OCE92-18523, WHOI Independent Study Award.
Department of WHOI Author: BIO.
Contribution Number: 9139

Van Dover, Cindy Lee, George T. Reynolds, Alan D. Chave and J. Anthony Tyson.
Light at deep-sea hydrothermal vents. Geophys.Res.Lett., 23(16):2049-2052, 1996.
Contracts: NSF OCE-9407774.
Department of WHOI Author: GEOL.

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