WHOI Contributions to the Scientific Literature - Monthly Activity Report

Articles Received in June 1996

Woods Hole, MA 02543
Celander, Malin, Mark Hahn and John Stegeman.
Cytochromes P450 (CYP) in the Poeciliopsis licida hepatocellular carcinoma cell line (PLHC-1): Dose- and time-dependent glucocorticoid potentiation of CYP1A induction without induction of CYP3A. Arch.Biochem.Biophys., 329(1):113-122, 1996.
Contracts: US EPA R817988, NOAA Sea Grant NA90-AA-D-SG480, R/P-49, Swedish Council for Forest and Agricultural Res., Wenner-Gren Center Found.- Langmanska Kultur., Royal Society of Arts & Sciences - Gothenburg, H. A. Johnsons Stiftelse, Royal Swedish Acad.Sci.
Department of WHOI Author: BIO.
Contribution Number: 9091

Geyer, W. Rockwell, Robert C. Beardsley, Steven J. Lentz, Julio Candela, Richard Limeburner, William E. Johns, Belmiro M. Castro and Ivan Soares.
Physical oceanography of the Amazon Shelf. Cont.Shelf Res., 16(5/6):575-616, 1996.
Contracts: NSF OCE88-12917, NSF OCE91-15712.
Department of WHOI Author: AOPE., PO.
Contribution Number: 8800

Hahn, Mark E., Bonnie L. Woodward, John J. Stegeman and Sean W. Kennedy.
Rapid assessment of induced cytochrome P4501A protein and catalytic activity in fish hepatoma cells grown in multi-well plates: Response to TCDD, TCDF, and two planar PCBS. Environ.Toxicol.Chem., 15(4):582-591, 1996.
Contracts: US EPA R817988, WHOI Sea Grant, WHOI Assistant Scientist Endowment.
Department of WHOI Author: BIO.
Contribution Number: 8981

Hahn, Mark E. and Kartik Chandran.
Uroporphyrin accumulation associated with Cytochrome P4501A induction in fish hepatoma cells exposed to Aryl hydrocarbon receptor agonists, including 2,3,7,8- Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin and Planar Chlorobiphenyls. Arch.Biochem.Biophys., 329(2):163-174, 1996.
Contracts: EPA R817988, EPA R823889, NOAA Sea Grant NA90-AA-D-SG480, R/P-49, Penzance Endowed Fund, WHOI Education.
Department of WHOI Author: BIO.
Contribution Number: 9118

Kelly, Kathryn A., Michael J. Caruso, Sandipa Singh and Bo Qiu.
Observations of atmosphere-ocean coupling in midlatitude western boundary currents. J.Geophys.Res., 101(C3):6295-6312, 1996.
Contracts: ONR N00014-92-J-1656, Mellon Joint Initiative Fund, NASA 957652.
Department of WHOI Author: PO.
Contribution Number: 8975

Kent, Graham M., Stephen A. Swift, Robert S. Detrick, John A. Collins and Ralph A. Stephen.
Evidence for normal faulting on 5.9 My old crust near Hole 504B on the southern flank of the Costa Rica Rift. Geology, 24(1):83-86, 1996.
Contracts: NSF OCE93-01058.
Department of WHOI Author: GEOL.
Contribution Number: 9009

Kleinrock, M. C., S. E. Humphris, and the Deep-TAG Team: P. Shaw, A. Bowen, T. Crook, C. Davis, R. Elder, D. Gleason, J. Goff, L. Goldstein, W. Handley, J. Howland, S. Hussenoeder, K. Koga, S. Lerner, K. Nakamura, M. Rashid, L. Reiser Wetzel, W. Sellers, M. Sulanowska, C. Van Dover and L. Whitcomb.
Detailed structure and morphology of the TAG active hydrothermal mound and its environment. Proc.Ocean Drill.Prog., Init.Rept., 158:15-21, 1996.
Contracts: NSF OCE93-14697.
Department of WHOI Author: GEOL., AOPE.
Contribution Number: 8983

Martin, Linda V., Timothy K. Stanton, Peter H. Wiebe and James F. Lynch.
Acoustic classification of zooplankton. ICES J.Mar.Sci., 53:217-224, 1996.
Contracts: ONR N00014-89-J-1729, ONR N00014-92-J-1527, NSF OCE92-01264, WHOI/MIT Joint Program.
Department of WHOI Author: BIO., AOPE.
Contribution Number: 9016

Nepf, H. M. and W. R. Geyer.
Intratidal variations in stratification and mixing in the Hudson estuary. J.Geophys.Res., 101(C5):12079-12086, 1996.
Contracts: Hudson River Foundation, H. M. Nepf was supported as Postdoctoral Scholar/WHOI.
Department of WHOI Author: AOPE.
Contribution Number: NONE

Norris, Richard D., Lawrence S. Jones, Richard M. Corfield and Julie E. Cartlidge.
Skiing in the Eocene Uinta mountains? Isotopic evidence in the Green River formation for snow melt and large mountains. Geology, 24(5):403-406, 1996.
Contracts: Department of Earth Sciences, Oxford University, National Science Foundation.
Department of WHOI Author: GEOL.
Contribution Number: NONE

Plueddemann, Albert J., Jerome A. Smith, David M. Farmer, Robert A. Weller, William R. Crawford, Robert Pinkel, Svein Vagel and Anand Gnanadesikan.
Structure and variability of Langmuir circulation during the Surface Waves Processes Program. J.Geophys.Res., 101(C2):3525-3543, 1996.
Contracts: ONR N00014-90-J-1495.
Department of WHOI Author: PO.
Contribution Number: 8629

Terray, E. A., M. A. Donelan, Y. C. Agrawal, W. M. Drennan, K. K. Kahma, P. A. Hwang, A. J. Williams III and S. A. Kitaigorodskii.
Estimates of kinetic energy dissipation under breaking waves. J.Phys.Oceanogr., 26(5):792-807, 1996.
Contracts: ONR N00014-87-K-0007, NSF OCE92-18711, NSF OCE93-01440, Panel for Energy Research and Development, Quest Integrated.
Department of WHOI Author: AOPE.
Contribution Number: 8509

Yankovsky, Alexander E. and David C. Chapman.
Scattering of shelf waves by a spatially varying mean current. J.Geophys.Res., 101(C2):3479-3487, 1996.
Contracts: NSF DPP91-13940, NSF OCE94-15484.
Department of WHOI Author: PO.
Contribution Number: 9035

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