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Articles Received in March 1997

Woods Hole, MA 02543
Anderson, Steven P., Robert A. Weller and Roger Lukas.
Surface buoyancy forcing and the mixed layer of the western Pacific warm pool: Observations and 1D model results. J.Clim., 9(12):3056-3085, 1996.
Contracts: NSF OCE91-10559, NSF OCE91-13948, NASA NAS5-31722.
Department of WHOI Author: PO.
Contribution Number: 8952

Berteaux, Susan S.
The ALVIN Bibliography: From paper to online access. In: Preserving the past, looking to the future. Proc. of the 19th Annual Conf. of IAMSLIC. J. W. Markham and A. L. Duda, eds. 11-15 October, 1993. Bethesda, MD., :103-110, 1994. Department of WHOI Author: ADMIN.
Contribution Number: 8557

Curry, W. B. and D. W. Oppo.
Synchronous, high frequency oscillations in tropical sea surface temperatures and North Atlantic deep water production during the last glacial cycle. Paleoceanography, 12(1):1-14, 1997.
Contracts: NSF OCE91-16303, NSF OCE94-02804.
Department of WHOI Author: GEOL.
Contribution Number: 9290

Goldman, J. C.
Nutrient and energy flow through marine plankton food chains: Impact on new and regenerated primary production. In: Problems of the Black Sea. V. N. Eremeev and D. G. Aubrey, eds. International Conference, Sevastopol, Ukraine. November 10-15, 1992. Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, Marine Hydrophysical Institute, (CoMSBlack-106), :111-126, 1993.
Contracts: NSF OCE88-18619, NSF OCE89-22718.
Department of WHOI Author: BIO.
Contribution Number: 8196

Oppo, Delia W., Michael Horowitz and Scott J. Lehman.
Marine core evidence for a sharp decrease in deep water production during Termination II and a relatively stable MIS 5e (Eimian). Paleoceanography, 12(1):51-63, 1997.
Contracts: NOAA NA47GPO188, NSF OCE-9116259, NSF OCE9217921.
Department of WHOI Author: GEOL.
Contribution Number: 9211

Scholin, Christopher A. and Donald M. Anderson.
LSU rDNA-based RFLP Assays for discriminating species of Alexandrium (Dinophyceae). J.Phycol., 32:1022-1035, 1996.
Contracts: NSF OCE 89-11226, NSF OCE 94-15536, National Sea Grant College Program NA46RG0470, David and Lucile Packard Foundation.
Department of WHOI Author: BIO.
Contribution Number: 9163

Sheremet, V. A., G. R. Ierley and V. M. Kamenkovich.
Eigenanalysis of the two-dimensional wind-driven ocean circulation problem. J.Mar.Res., 55:57-92, 1997.
Department of WHOI Author: PO.

Warren, B. A., J. H. Lacase and P. E. Robbins.
Reply - Comments on "On the obscurantist physics of 'Form Drag' in theorizing about the circumpolar current". J.Phys.Oceanogr., 27(1):211-212, 1997.
Department of WHOI Author: PO.

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