WHOI Contributions to the Scientific Literature - Monthly Activity Report

Articles In Preparation - January 1997

Woods Hole, MA 02543
Bower, Amy S., Laurence Armi, and Isabel Ambar.
Lagrangian observations of meddy formation during a Mediterranean undercurrent seeding experiment. J.Phys.Oceangr., IN PRESS.
Contracts: NSF OCE91-01033, NSF OCE91-00721, LUSO-American Foundation for the Development-FLAD, Grant No. 54/93.
Department of WHOI Author: PO.
Contribution Number: 9395

Humphris, Susan E., Jeffrey C. Alt, Damon A. H. Teagle and Jose J. Honnorez.
Geochemical changes during hydrothermal alteration of basement in the stockwork beneath the active TAG hydrothermal mound. Proc.Ocean Drilling, Scientific Results, Leg 158, IN PRESS.
Contracts: USSAC Grant 158-20882.
Department of WHOI Author: GEOL.
Contribution Number: 9396

Karner, Garry D. and Neal W. Driscoll.
Three-dimensional interplay of advective and diffusive processes in the generation of sequence boundaries. J.Geol.Soc.(London), IN PRESS.
Contracts: ONR N00014-96-1-0026, ONR N00014-94-1-0089.
Department of WHOI Author: GEOL.
Contribution Number: 9401

Linder, Christopher A. and Glen Gawarkiewicz.
A Climatology of the shelfbreak front in the middle Atlantic bight.
J.Geophys.Res., IN PRESS. Contracts: ONR N00014-95-1-0575, Globec grant OCE95-29402.
Department of WHOI Author: PO.
Contribution Number: 9398

Polzin, K. L., J. M. Toole, J. R. Ledwell and R. W. Schmitt.
Spatial variability of turbulent mixing in the abyssal ocean. Science, IN PRESS.
Contracts: NSF OCE94-15589.
Department of WHOI Author: PO.
Contribution Number: 9399

Shen, Yang, Sean C. Solomon, Ingi Th. Bjarnason and G. M. Purdy.
Hot mantle transition zone beneath Iceland and the adjacent Mid-Atlantic Ridge inferred from P-to-S conversions at the 410- and 660-km discontinuities. Geophys.Res.Lett., IN PRESS.
Contracts: NSF OCE-9530317.
Department of WHOI Author: GEOL.
Contribution Number: 9358

Sheremet, V. A., G. R. Ierley and V. M. Kamenkovich.
Eigenanalysis of the two-dimensional wind-driven ocean circulation problem. J.Mar.Res., IN PRESS.
Department of WHOI Author: PO.

Solow, Andrew R.
Dating the origin of cave art in Southern Europe. J.Am.Stat.Assoc., IN PRESS.
Contracts: The Marine Policy Center.
Department of WHOI Author: MPC.
Contribution Number: 9394

Whitworth, T., B. A. Warren, W. D. Nowlin, Jr., R. D. Pillsbury and M. I. Moore.
On the deep western-boundary current in the Southwest Pacific Basin. Prog.Oceanogr., IN PRESS.
Contracts: NSF OCE89-17338, NSF OCE90-02708, NSF OCE90-02709, and in New Zealand the Foundation for Research Science and Technology.
Department of WHOI Author: PO.
Contribution Number: 9397

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